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Why choose wooden frames?

The wooden frame is superior to other materials. According to published data from international organizations, such as the WWF, wood and, consequently, the products that come from it, minimize the environmental burden and therefore rank first in the selection of the most environmentally friendly material.

To understand the superiority of the wooden frames in terms of the low energy consumption required to produce them, it is sufficient to look at the procedure followed for the two main competitors: PVC and aluminum.

PVC (polyvinyl chloride or commonly vinyl) is a thermoplastic material based on oil and chlorine and is a widely used synthetic material. The International Environmental Protection Agency WWF estimates that for each PVC-produced window, a total of 49.9 kg of carbon dioxide (CO2) is released, 84% in the production of raw material and 16% in the production of frames. In contrast, the production of a wooden frame of the same type and size releases only 5.7 kg of CO2.

However, PVC also creates additional environmental problems throughout its life cycle, most importantly the release of highly toxic substances (carcinogenic dioxins, HCl, heavy metals, etc.) during combustion, which usually takes place after removal. from use.
On the other hand, similar problems are encountered in the manufacture of aluminum. Dangerous pollutants are released during its production while large amounts of CO2 are released during the production of the very large amounts of energy needed to isolate the material from the
its raw materials. At the same time, according to a study by the US Department of Energy, carbon monoxide (CO) and particularly harmful perfluorocarbons (PFC) are released in the process of producing aluminum. The latter are 6,500 times more damaging to CO2 than the greenhouse effect.

Wood is the only material that not only does not harm the environment but also has a negative carbon dioxide emission index during its production, as it traps CO2 in its growth as a tree.

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